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environmental and planning

Environmental And Planning Law – What You Should Know

There are many issues that can affect our environment, and there are not only laws in New South Wales, but every council has their own variation of the Local Environmental Plan and the Development Control Plan—all aimed at protecting the environment and ensuring that any development does not adversely affect it.

The key Environmental and Planning Laws in New South Wales are:
– Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
– Land and Environment Court Act 1979
– Land and Environment Court Rules 1979

There are other laws that cover environmental pollution and contamination, and there is a proposed amendment that will create new environmental offences, and increase the powers of the EPA if the bill is passed.

Local Environmental Plan

Each Council has their own variation of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP). These LEPs guide planning decisions for local government areas through zoning and development controls.

So when you want consent for your development application, your local council’s LEP provides the requirements you need to meet.

Development Control Plan (DCP)

The main purpose of a DCP is to provide detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls of a council’s LEP.

Expert Legal Advice

While these laws and controls can seem complex, a legal firm with expertise in environmental and planning law can simplify any issues you could face, and handle any environmental and planning issues or disputes you may have.

An experienced legal firm will identify the appropriate jurisdiction to resolve disputes, act in applications and conduct dispute resolution procedures, including representing you in environmental and planning law issues and disputes in the Land and Environment Court, the NSW Local Court, NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

If you are a builder or tradesperson, a home owner or a developer, and have an issue with a Development Application (DA), or you have received a letter from your local council regarding an unauthorised structure or renovations, get advice from specialist council dispute lawyers before things go too far.

In the event that a dispute escalates, your lawyers will advise you on the best course of action. The law can be very complex to lay people, and the right legal advice will simplify it, and your options, so you can choose the path you want to follow.

Contact Buckley Lawyers now, for advice on resolving your environmental and planning law issues —and your peace of mind.

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