Property Settlements

With the ever-growing complexity of financial circumstances in a relationship, it is important to formalise a property settlement at separation. A property settlement that has been agreed by both you and your ex-partner can be formalised in a legally binding agreement known as Consent Orders.

Consent orders can include a wide range of property owned together, such as a house, shares, business interests, a family trust, superannuation and other property such as jewellery, cash and cars.

Considerations that will need to be taken into account include financial and non-financial contributions to the relationship and the future needs of the parties.

Should you be considering separation and require advice on a formal property settlement agreement, contact Buckley Lawyers. We have extensive experience in drafting property agreements and negotiating a property settlement for you without the costs and stresses of entering into court proceedings. However, should an agreement not be reached and proceedings through the Family Court system be required, we will be strong advocates to ensure that you receive the outcome that you are entitled.