Criminal & Traffic Law

Our experienced team will provide clear advice and take the time to prepare your criminal and traffic matter in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our network of experienced Barristers ensures you are provided with expert legal representation through the whole process.

We have successfully achieved positive outcomes for many clients who have been charged with a range of criminal offences. Through our experience and careful preparation, we aim to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Buckley Lawyers have appeared throughout a range of courts in Sydney, the Central Coast, and surrounds, and we will advocate for your rights.

The new sentencing guidelines outline the following options for sentencing in New South Wales with similar provisions throughout other States and Territories:

● s 10 (1) (a) – order, dismissing the charges(no conviction recorded);
● s 10 (1) (b) – order, discharging the person under a conditional release order (CRO) with or without a conviction recorded
● s 10 (1) (c) – order, discharging the person on condition of participating in an intervention program
● s 10A – order, convicting the person with no further penalty
● Impose a fine up the maximum amount as specified in the legislation
● s 8 – order, an community corrections order (CCO) instead of imposing a sentence of imprisonment which is no greater than 3 years in duration with both standard and any additional and further conditions (s 88, 89, 90).
● s 7 – order, an intensive corrections order (ICO) which is a term of imprisonment served in the community with stricter conditions and under supervision.
● Full-time imprisonment – order, the person serve a full-time custody sentence in prison.

Our broad experience in a range of criminal law cases includes the following areas:
● Defended hearings in both the Local Court, District Courts and Supreme Court of NSW
● Appeals / Sentencing / Bail applications and application for release
● Formal negotiations with police to withdraw your charges
● All types of assault / Sexual related offences
● Section 10 dismissal of charges – non- conviction
● Application for mental condition or illness under sections 32 or 33 of the Mental Health Act
● Child pornography and child abuse related offences/ Use of carriage service to menace or harass
● Animal neglect offences
● Drug possession and supply offences
● Apprehended Violence Orders and breaches
● Resist police arrest
● Larceny offences
● White collar crime related offences / Tax Evasion and Centrelink related offences
● Fraud and dishonestly related offences
● Break and enter
● Firearms offences / Robbery
● Damage property offences
● Confiscation of funds by the police
● Public order offences /Affray
● Terrorism charges / Commonwealth related offences
● Murder and manslaughter

The MERIT (Magistrate’s Early Referral Into Treatment) Program

The primary goal of the MERIT program is to break the substance abuse-crime cycle by involving defendants in treatment and rehabilitation. MERIT is available to eligible defendants who appear at the participating Local Courts.
Buckley Lawyers recommends the MERIT program for those who require professional assistance with alcohol or drug related rehabilitation. The program is free and is typically 12 weeks in duration comprising one hour session each week. Contact us to discuss how undertaking this program may assist with your court matter.

Traffic infringements are one of the most common offences in NSW. The Road Transport Act 2013, is the primary piece of legislation governing this area of law. Recently new laws have been introduced in NSW that give police the powers to immediately suspend your licence for the following offences:

● Offence causing death or grievous bodily harm
● Speeding in excess of 45 km/h over the speed limit
● Driving under the influence offences
● A prescribed concentration of alcohol drink driving offence
● A street racing offence
● An aggravated burnout offence
● Learner or provisional licence holders speeding in excess of 30 km/h over the speed limit
● Learner licence holders driving without supervision

Traffic Offenders Intervention Program (TOIP)

TOIP is a New South Wales accrediated Local Court program providing offenders with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes towards driving on the roads. Buckley Lawyers recommends you attend the TOIP through any of the following providers below. Upon completion the provider will provide you with a certificate of completion which can be used to support your case in court.

Road Sense Australia

SAVE Traffic Offenders Intervention Program